SOSSINI sauces are intended as a side dish any type of grill, cooked and prepared meals and sandwiches. SOSSINI sauces were made with a special emphasis on improving your recipe as well as adding that one special thing that makes your meal all that better.


SOSSINI salads with a mayonnaise base are intended as side dish to meals or even as an individual meal. SOSSINI Salads are made with carefully selected ingredients and special accent for taste of homemade salads.

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SOSSINI dips were made in such a way to enrich the taste of your favourite snacks. They are best enjoyed with plain tortilla chips, but also with other types of chips. Although their name is DIPS FOR CHIPS, we suggest that you try and from other salty snacks that you like.


SOSSINI salad dressings are there to make your salad and healthy and tasty. If it’s a Caesar salad, mix salad with chicken, or Iceberg, SOSSINI dressings have a complete range of taste and make you want to enjoy fresh salad meals as often as possible.